Château Demonpère

Organic côtes de provence fine wine
and organic olive oil

…« I came here to cultivate

Marcel Pagnol – Jean de Florette

We cultivate the authentic to bring you the best

One man and one land united to form Château Demonpère. One land which the owners, Géraldine and Yves Journel, fell in love with when they first clapped eyes on it. Yves Journel is a visionary who instantly saw the potential of the winery which was called Domaine de la Pardiguière and growing vines since the 15th century.

Château Demonpère now brings you unique, organic Côtes de Provence wine that has won an accolade of national and international awards. The estate also makes organic olive oil made from 2700 olive trees growing on the land.

Our wine

Our wine

A taste for the authentic

Côtes de Provence A.O.P., rosé, red or white…
Experience a range of authentic, organic and award-winning wine from Château Demonpère.

Our olive oils

Olive oils

A product of our terroir

Sample the fruit of our olive groves grown organically, free of herbicide, pesticide or fertiliser. A legacy for olive oil made on the Château Demonpère land.

Nos activités

Dive into the history of Château Demonpère

Soak up the legacy of our land farmed since the 15th century in Le Luc-en-Provence.
149 hectares of vineyards and olive groves bring our estate to life.