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How to view our Terms of Sale


How to find the basic information about a product ?

How do I know if an ordered product is in stock ?

How do I know if the product I want to order is in stock ?


Find out more on our website

This site showcases the Château Demonpère vineyard, a producer of wine and organic olive oils.

This site allows you to learn about products and buy them.

Located in the heart of the Côtes de Provence and the Plaine des Maures, the Château Demonpère property has been cultivated since the 15th century (formerly under the name Domaine de La Pardiguière).

Discover our regional products, they will amaze you.

How to view our Terms of Sale

Our Terms of Sale are accessible by clicking on “Terms of Sale” in the site’s footer.


For all questions relating to viticulture methods, the AOC (controlled designation of origin), or the word “organic,” please refer to the product descriptions to find complete information.

How do I find basic information about a product ?

To find the basic information about a product, you simply go on the product description of the desired item.

You will find its price, packaging, the specific product, its description, etc…

For information regarding payment methods, delivery times, please refer to the Terms of Sale.

How do I know if an ordered product is in stock ?

Product availability is specified by the estate manager.

How do I know if the product I want to order is in stock ?

Product availability is specified by the estate manager. When the product is not in stock, you will see “0” as the available quantity for the item. Otherwise, the manager will contact you by email once you order to give you the product availability dates and to offer a refund if necessary.

What if the product I want is out of stock ?

If the product you want is not available, please wait or choose another equivalent product.

You can also contact us and specify the item reference number so we can give you any information we may have about its availability.

What does the shipping time indicated for each product mean ?

The shipping time is the time it takes between the date an order is confirmed to when the product is delivered to its recipient, who is responsible for delivery. Product shipping times are indicated in our Terms of Sale.

If you buy more products, it is usually the longest shipping time that will apply to the entire order.


What is my customer account ?

Your account is the main connection between you and Château Demonpère. The information in your account is carefully secured; only you can change it and it will not be disclosed to anyone else.

All our contacts and exchanges will be based on this information. This is why it is important to keep your account updated.

From your account, you can access your secure and customized customer area to view your order summary.

How do I create my account ?

Creating your account is very easy !

Click the “Register” link located on the homepage below the “Log in” area.

You fill out a simple form with your name, region, date of birth and email address.

What is my email used for in my account ?

This email is for your customer account. It is very important because this allows you to receive the complete status of your order, including payment confirmation and order validation. Responses and updates regarding your orders will also be sent to this email. To ensure you receive order tracking emails and our communications, please be very careful when entering your email address. You can change this in the “Customer Area”.

I’ve forgotten my password !

No problem! Click the “Register” link accessible located on the homepage of the client area.

Simply enter the email that you use on your account and we will send your password to this address.

How do I change my personal information ?

You can change your billing address, email address, shipping and billing addresses, choose a new password, etc. at any time by logging into your account.

Be aware that these changes do not apply to current orders. Current orders will be delivered to the shipping address provided at the time the order was entered and confirmed.

What is the difference between a billing and shipping address ?

The billing address must be the identity and contact details of the person placing and paying for the order.

The shipping address must be the identity and contact details of the person receiving the order.

The delivery address can be different from the billing address if you want to give a gift, surprise your loved one, or you deliver items to your workplace !


What do I do if my order is not confirmed but I have been charged ?

First, please check if this payment is for a different order.

This may also be caused by your order being monitored by 3D Secure. In that case, simply follow the steps in our services to address this situation.

If the product is no longer available or if you want to cancel your order, a refund will be made in the manner determined in the Terms of Sale.

What do I do if I’ve been charged twice ?

First, please check if this payment is for a different order.

If this is not the case, please contact us.

What is a promotional code ?

There are three kinds of promotional codes :

  • Promotional codes as reimbursement which are given as an order refund (for product returns, if a product is out of stock, etc.) They generally expire in 1 year and cannot be combined with each other.
  • Promotional codes as a gesture of goodwill that are allocated on a commercial basis to compensate you in litigation. They generally expire in 1 year and cannot be combined with each other.
  • Commercial promotional codes that are related to commercial operations, promotional offers, prizes, etc. These can have shorter expiration dates and/or product limitations, and cannot be combined with each other.

Once created, these codes are sent to you via email.

If you have a promotional code, it will be used as soon as you order.

These promotional codes are not divisible and can only be used with a payment by credit/debit card.

What can my promotional code be used for ?

The limitations are :

  • Gift certificates are not divisible.
  • Gift certificates may not be combined.
  • Promotional gift certificates and commercial gestures may not be refundable.

When placing your order, enter your promotional code in the “promotional code” space on the payment page, then click “Recalculate” :

  • If the amount of your order exceeds your gift certificate, you can pay the difference by credit card.
  • If the amount of your order is equal to your gift certificate, the amount owed on your shopping basket will be €0 and your order will be placed.
  • If the total amount of the promotional code exceeds the amount of your order, the order will not be placed and you have the option to add to your cart.

What if I cannot use my promotional code ?

First, please verify that the promotional code has not already been used on another order or that it has not expired.

Second, remember that you cannot use a promotional code that has an amount that is more than the order total.

Otherwise, if you’ve entered your promotional code on an order that has not been placed, your gift certificate will be in a “current use” status and blocked for 72 hours. After this time, it will automatically be reactivated.

Are payments on the Château Demonpère website secure ?

Please note that the payment of your order goes directly to the website of our partner bank, Crédit du Nord Enterprises.

The communication of your card number on the bank server when paying for your order is completely secure.

Therefore, there is no risk to these payments because your credit card details are never transmitted unencrypted over the network. They are encrypted using SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

Château Demonpère also utilizes a 3D Secure program, which provides maximum authentication.

This double protection guarantees a completely secure payment.

What is 3D Secure monitoring ?

The buyer, after entering his/her card info, is connected to his/her bank to enter a code, which is sent by SMS to the credit card owner’s cell phone.

If you’ve lost your card, receiving a code on your cell phone gives you double protection, and reduces the risk of fraud.


What is the difference between a processing time and shipping time ?

Processing time starts from the confirmation of the order and is the period of time it takes for the treatment and preparation of your products.

Order confirmation will be sent to you via email.

Shipping time is the time it takes to ship the package from our warehouse to you.

It is the time necessary for the carrier to transport the package to the address indicated when you placed your order. Order updates will be sent to you via email.

What is the processing time for my order ?

Product processing times are indicated in our Terms of Sale.

What should I do if my order has not processed ?

First, make sure that you order has been confirmed by reviewing emails sent from us. If your order is not confirmed, it cannot be processed.

If your order is confirmed, and it has not been longer than the specified processing time, please don’t worry.

However, if your order is not processed within the specified time and you haven’t received any information from us informing you about a processing delay or any inventory problems, please contact our customer service so we can resolve the situation.


What are the shipping fees ?

Shipping fees reflect the cost of transporting your package from our warehouse, through our carrier, based on a single fee schedule (see our Terms of Sale).

If your location is outside of the limits set by our carrier service and our Terms of Sale, please contact us. In this case, Château Demonpère will find an appropriate carrier in your area and notify you of shipping rates.

Can I have my order shipped to another address ?

You can definitely provide a shipping address that is different from your billing address.

It’s a great idea for getting a gift delivered directly to someone who is far away. You can also use this method to ship your order to your workplace.

The “Customer Area” section allows you to manage different shipping addresses.

Several possible addresses can be pre-registered.

The default shipping address is the one used in the last order, but you can choose to ship to another address by checking “I want to ship to another address.” You can then select a shipping address that has already been saved in your account, or manually enter a new shipping address.

What is the shipping time for my package ?

The shipping time is the time it takes to ship the package from our warehouse to you, which is added to your order’s processing time. It is an average of 5 working days as stated in the Terms of Sale.

What if my order is processed but I haven’t received it ?

If your package has been processed, that means that it was delivered to the carrier who is responsible for the shipping.

Once your package has shipped, please wait for the specified shipping time.

However, if you do not receive your parcel after the specified shipping time, please contact us so that we can resolve the situation.

What happens if I am gone when the package is delivered ?

If you are gone when the package is delivered, the carrier will attempt to contact you by phone to set another delivery date or may also leave a notice in your mailbox with his/her contact information.

If the carrier does not reach you, or if you are not there at the second delivery, the product will then be returned to us after waiting about 5 days. At this point, the package will not be re-delivered free of charge (for the cost of re-delivery, refer to Article 8 of the Terms of Sale).


How can I track my package ?

We are not able to track orders online via the carrier.

How do I cancel an order ?

Did you place an order for the wrong item, or for the wrong quantity? Please feel free to contact us.

We will identify your order and cancel it. We will then proceed to give you a refund or an exchange, whichever you prefer.

If we are not able to cancel your order (if it has already been prepared, is already in transit to your home, etc.), you must return the product at your expense according to the conditions shown in the “Product Returns” section.


My order is missing one or more products

Please check that the product or products you think are missing are not included in another order by reviewing your order confirmation emails.

If within 15 days you do not receive your complete order and you have not received any notification of inventory issues, delays, or being sent a promotional code or refund, please contact us.

I received the wrong products

When receiving products that are different from what you ordered, simply contact our Customer Service to fix your order. You will then return the incorrect products as specified under “Product Returns”.

Upon receipt, we will send you the actual products ordered, at our expense and according to availability. If the correct product is not in stock, we will offer to send you an equivalent replacement or give you a refund.

I just received my product but I do not want it, I’ve changed my mind.

Pursuant to Article L.121-20 et seq. of the Consumer Code, you have a period of 7 working days from the date your order is delivered to return any item does not suit you, in its original packaging and in good condition for re-selling, and request an exchange or refund without penalty, except for return shipping costs.

Remember to return your product with its original packaging and all accessories.

After Château Demonpère receives your package, depending on the nature of the product, available inventory, and what you prefer, we will offer you :

  • an exchange for a different product
  • refund by check, bank transfer to your account, or credit to the card used for the purchase

The customer is responsible for costs associated with these returns.

I just received my product, and it is damaged.

You just received a product and it is damaged. We strongly advise you to check the general condition of the package (interior, exterior) in the carrier’s presence upon delivery.

In case of defect, specify your issues on the delivery note. A handwritten “subject to unpacking” note alone will not be taken into account for any complaints without prior verification in the presence of the carrier. We recommend you refuse any abnormal package or product.

Then please contact our customer service to discuss your case.

If your request is accepted, and when we receive the product back by our carrier, we will send you a new identical product, at our expense and according to availability. If the correct product is not in stock, we will either send you an equivalent replacement or give you a refund.


How do I return a product ?

To return one or more products, simply contact our customer service. Please return your product to the following address :

Château Demonpère La Pardiguière, Route des Mayons 83340 le Luc-En-Provence

Please prepare your return package carefully.

1. Put the product in its original box with all its accessories.Be sure not to write on this box (except the above mentioned shipping address).

2. Then put everything in the original box that will be used for the return.To prevent any degradation of the original box and products, everything must be carefully protected and cushioned in your return package.

3. Drop off the box used for the return at a carrier with your contact information and your order number.

4. Carefully close the box used for the return and write the above address on it.

If I send my item back, who is responsible for the return costs ?

Expenses incurred for returning an item because you’ve change your mind are not reimbursed and are your responsibility.

For other return cases, we refund the costs for returning a package based on Colissimo Suivi’s postal rates for sending packages.


The amount of my refund is not correct

If you’ve changed your mind, the shipping costs incurred to return your product are not refunded. For all other reasons (erroneous products received, received damaged) returns costs are reimbursed based on Colissimo’s current rates.

A commercial gesture can be done as a promotional code equivalent to the amount of your order. This will be valid for one year and can be used at any time.

If you choose a refund, you can choose one of many different options :

  • Refund by check sent to your billing address
  • Refund by credit to the card used for the purchase
  • Refund by bank transfer to your account (provide your bank account details)

If an error has slipped through the cracks regarding your refund, please contact us.

I was told I would be getting a refund check but I haven’t received it Refund checks are sent to the billing address on the order. If you have moved, please go to your account to update it and contact us.

You will receive your check within 15 days of your request.

If it has been more than 15 days since you were notified about receiving a refund check, please contact us.


How do I contact Customer Service ?

You can contact us easily :

  • By email: sav@chateaudemonpere.fr
  • By calling (local charges may apply) +33 (0)4 94 60 07 78, 24/7. Leave a message with your details and we will call you back.
  • By mail: Château Demonpère – La Pardiguière, Route des Mayons – 83340 le Luc-En- Provence