Our olive groves are organically farmed. This means no synthetic fertilizer, herbicides or pesticides, so you get high-quality healthy products. Our olive mill is certified organic by Ecocert.
Château Demonpère olive oils come in a choice of packaging: elegant "old-time" bottle (with or without pouring spout); 75cl anti-UV glass bottle with built-in spout; 25cl or 5l tin cans for perfect conservation.

HUILE DE CUVÉE (premium varieties)

Our 2019 Extra virgin production: 100% organic, 100% terroir, 100% exceptional: Three special varieties in 75cl bottles, or 25cl or 5l cans:

  • PICHOLINE (DIVINE): Characteristically sharp and pungent. A lovely aromatic olive oil.
  • FRANTOIO: A fine oil with a distinct sharpness. Aromatic, with notes of raspberry.
  • CAYON: A very mild and light, low-acid olive oil. Fine harmonious flavor with herbal notes.
  • FRANTOIO FRUITE NOIR: Our "Dark fruit" olive oil. Smooth, mild, good old-fashioned flavour with no bitterness. Hints of candied berry, black olive, cacao and vanilla.
  • ASCOLANA: Low-acid olive oil. Butter tasted. Smooth and unctuous.

HUILE TRADITIONNELLE (traditional blend)

A delightful blend of our premium oils (Sigoise, Picholine, Cayon, Pendoline and Frantoio).
Let the bright lively colors and bitter fruity flavor entice you.