Château Demonpère – Red – A.O.P. Côtes de Provence – 2020

29,00  TTC

The 2020 Prestige by Château Demonpère is a deep red wine with an initial hit of berry aromas (blackberry, “jammy” Morello cherry), a hint of mint and “Garrigue” notes.

It has a powerful mouthfeel with dominant and silky tannins: the fruity introduction melts into spices, mint chocolate and a rosemary finish.

Packed with body and lingering flavour (wood).

Cabernet Sauvignon brings the blend real complexity by showcasing the 4th actual harvest of this variety on the terroir. It is a subtle supporting act for the Syrah in the wine.

This red wine goes as well with meat and cheese as it does with saucy dishes and chocolate desserts.

Ageing: 1 year – Oak barrels (25%) and stainless steel vats

Ecocert-approved organic wine.

100% terroir.

Bottled at the Château on May 2nd 2022.

Varieties: Syrah (70%), Cabernet Sauvignon (30%).

14% Vol.

Natural cork stoppers

Elegant premium antique-coloured SAVER GLASS bottle,

flat finish.

“Snow Vergata” paper label, traditional French printer.

Our advice: Open the bottle an hour before serving

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150 cl bottle


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