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Château Demonpère - cuvée prestige rouge - A.O.P. Côtes de Provence - ORGANIC

Our reds are made mostly with Syrah and Carignan cépages (grape varieties). To these main varieties, we add smaller proportions of mature Mourvèdre from very good years, plus Grenache and Cinsault and a very small proportion of Caberbet Sauvignon.

The maturity of our grapes is strongly affected by the hydrology of our lands. At the start of the season, our vines are nurtured by Spring rains. Photosynthesis is boosted by iron-rich soil. The sandstone subsoil prevents rapid drying and contributes to the water stress needed for good vine development. Our eroded fersialtic (clay and iron oxide) soil promotes photosynthesis and the sunny climate of the Massif des Maures mountain area ensures maturity at the end of the season, which we adjust according to the cuvée (wine variety).

Harvest is generally between late August and mid-September.
Château Demonpère Cuvée Prestige Red is a blend of Syrah (80%) and beautiful old Carignan cépages or other cépages.

We use traditional Bordeaux-style winemaking methods for this red wine. This includes short pre-fermentation maceration and fermentation with intensive stirring during the first few days. Maceration is long and the temperature is carefully adjusted for tannin extraction. The wine is aged partly in vats and partly in oak barrels (25%), to add a hint of woody taste and refine the tannins.

2015 saw the first Château Demonpère vintage certified from organic farming.


Cuvée Prestige Rouge 2017 :
Silver medal, Concours de Vins de Provence 2019 - CIVP
Bronze medal, Concours des Vignerons Indépendants - Paris 2019

Cuvée Prestige Rouge 2014 :
Silver medal, Concours Général Agricole de Paris 2016

Cuvée Prestige Rouge 2013 :
Silver medal, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2015
Bronze medal, Concours des Grets Vins de Mâcon 2015

Cuvée Prestige Rouge 2012 :
Silver medal, Concours des Vignerons Indépendants de Paris 2014